Our Services

Our services include:

  •  I) Conceptual Artistic Design
  • II) Book and Album Cover Designs
  • III) Commissions (Portraits, Environments, SCI-FI, Gothic, Steampunk)
  • IV) Murals
  • V) Art Instruction
  • Simply Contact us using our Contact tab and we will respond either via phone or email within 24 hours.
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Book and CD Illustrations

In 2014 I created 10 Book Covers and Two Magazine Covers.  I also created two CD Covers


I can create a realistic and stylized portrait of our loved ones as a commission. 


I have painted 20 major large scale murals for various commmercial and private clients.   

Concept Designs

I have created many conceptual designs in my career most of which are not for the public. 

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