Painting of MeraParis City

 Meraparis City

Photo of JamesThank you for stopping by our Online Gallery of James Christopher Hill.We really appreciate you taking the time to look at each of James' styles

ranging from Fine Art Oil Paintings from Skyscapes and Landscapes

to Portraiture, Science Fiction, Gothic, Steampunk and Fantasy Styles.

James received formal art training at the prestigious Ringling College of

Art and Design as mainly an Conceptual Design Artist, Fine Art Painter,

Illustrator and Computer Animator.


Since graduating with Honors in 1998, James began a career in concept

design and fine art painting combined with using various traditional skills, mediums and tools like Digital Art and Animation.   In addition James brought Ringling College their first Oscar for Best Student Computer Animation by bringing a unique approach to the senior thesis program as he proposed a joint venture of six students working together utilizing their different strengths to create the final animation "Jataka".  Since then Ringling's department of Computer Animation has won numerous Oscars and various awards cementing Ringling as one of the finest art colleges in America.

James doesn't believe in sticking to one type of style of painting or subject matter as he sees himself more of a Renaissance Man interested in not just painting, but theology, mythology, philosophy, archealogy, anthropology along with all forms of Astrophysics in Science including particle and quantom physics.  His view of the world is not a dismal one but one in which humankind can band together to heal themselves, the Earth and by understanding the mysteries and genius of our ancestor's past we can overcome the barriers of the future.  His primary mission is to use his art in hopes to create positive change for humanity by first taking an idea and creating the visions that the creative geniouses of the future in their various fields might find inspiration from his works and visions as visualization is the truly the first step to real change.  We hope you have a fun time viewing his works, his designs and his dreams.  If so, you can purchase various originals, prints, giclee's and jewelry that are for sale from his art.  Thank you for your time and curiosity into the world of James Christopher Hill. 

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